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Don't settle for another boring seminar. Our speakers help your business stand out and turn your ideas into realities.

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Corporate Training Programs And
Curated Experiences

We create and deliver tailor-made programs to fit your organization's objectives and help upgrade its people,
processes and profit. Post-program benefits include evaluations and custom integrations.

Complex Problem Solving

Navigating complex problems require a non-linear thinking balanced with a structured problem solving approach. Learn to solve for the cause and not just for the symptoms. Measure your impact.

Top Skills You Acquire
  • Critical Thinking
  • How to conduct Cause-Effect Analysis for organizational problem statements
  • How to map Stakeholder Implications and Impact
  • How to break down Complex, Multi-stakeholder Problems into discrete, solvable parts
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Human Centered Design Thinking

Integrate Design Thinking in your company’s workflow. Start with small teams or scale it at an organizational level to make your company the first preferred choice for new talent and customers.

Top Skills You Acquire
  • Rapid Prototyping and Testing for solutions
  • How to integrate User Research & Feedback as an essential part of operations
  • Analogus Thinking for creativity
  • Empathy Building for Customers and Employees
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Creative Ideation Program

We facilitate brainstorming sessions for your teams and leaders. Use this methodology in your next board meeting or product design team huddle to create ideas that position your company as a first & fast mover in your sector.

Top Skills You Acquire
  • Creative Inquiry and Expression for business solutions
  • Idea Testing and Validation
  • Rapid Ideation and Skills Mapping
  • Analogous Thinking and Empathy Building to solve organizational bottlenecks
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Storytelling For Impact

Presenting organizational problems in the form of a business opportunity using a creative communication strategy. Going beyond powerpoint slides and excel sheets, we turn your leaders into story-tellers for impact.

Top Skills You Acquire
  • How to build a compelling, Strategic Narrative for your Brand
  • How to design, execute and measure Effective Storytelling Campaigns with high conversion rates
  • How to research, find and elevate Positive deviants & Early Adopters for new product launches
  • How to build a Corporate Culture System that drives employee satisfaction and organizational efficiency
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New Trends Innovation Program

Dissecting the top 10 Trends in your sector. Ideating for new trend creation aligned with your company’s core offerings. Creating an 8-point Efficiency Vs Value blueprint to implement new trends that are future-proof.

Top Skills You Acquire
  • How to map emerging trends with organizational deliverables & resources
  • How to identify & innovate for need gaps presented by emerging trends
  • How to create a customer loyalty system through a roadmap that incorporates future trends
  • How to assess viability of current trends for strategic decisions
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United Nations CSR Program

We create and facilitate a gameplan to align your employees to engage directly with communities. We also help you create measurement rubrics for community engagement & impact that help you retain and hire talent with purpose.

Top Skills You Acquire
  • How to create and assess social impact campaigns that fit your organization's values
  • How to train your workforce to execute effective humanitarian projects and engage with their stakeholders
  • Understanding the United Nations SDGs and integrating them into your organizational framework
  • How to innovate in a low resource setting and design empathy based solutions for community impact
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