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In Philadelphia

We are designing cutting-edge innovation programs to build capacity for complex problem solving for the most creative professionals, leaders and managers around the world.

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About The Workshop

Learn the process of Human Centered Design to solve complex workplace problems. This is a 6 hour workshop designed for corporate professionals, team leaders in any field, product managers, web designers, creative artists and entrepreneurs. The workshop is designed to take participants through the process of breaking down a complex problem and turning an idea into an actionable solution and finally making a blueprint for implementing them in the real world.
Top Skills You Acquire :

  • Critical Thinking
  • How to conduct Cause-Effect Analysis for organizational problem statements
  • How to map Stakeholder Implications and Impact
  • How to break down Complex, Multi-stakeholder Problems into discrete, solvable parts
Registration Details

Program Structure

The entire workshop is delivered using Experiential Learning Pedagogy, which means as participants you will be engaging in hands-on activities rather than learning only theories.

The Design Thinking Framework

1 Complex Problem Identification
2 Problem Breakdown
3 Customer Journey Design
4 Ideation Strategy for Creative Thinking
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Workshop #1
Building An Innovation Framework Using
Design Thinking

This workshop is designed to engage the professionals from diverse sectors and work background to learn the process of problem solving using creative thinking. During the course of this program you will use a real problem from your workplace and make a first blueprint for solving those problems.

Date : May 17, 2019
Time : 9 am - 4 pm
Cost : $200

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Workshop #2
Creative Problem Solving

This workshop will help you to solve problems or identify opportunities when conventional thinking has failed. The process involves breaking down a problem to understand it, generating new ideas to solve the problem and then evaluating those ideas to find the most effective solutions. The workshop will help you understand the roles that fact and intuition play to achieve the CREATIVE CONFIDENCE for problem solving.

Date : Sat June 15, 2019
Time : 9 am - 4 pm
Cost : $200

Meet The Facilitator

Insights and mentorship from experienced entrepreneurs in the field.

ycenter team CEO Dhairya Pujara

Dhairya Pujara

Dhairya Pujara is the Chief Innovation Officer at Create X Change. He is also the Founder, CEO at Ycenter, where he developed Design Thinking programs aimed at building global capacity for problem solving, leadership and creative thinking. He has been invited to deliver workshops in 7 countries across 4 continents. His workshops and guest lectures includes in the fields of Technology, Social Innovation, Business innovation in real estate, pharma amongst others. Dhairya’s work has been featured in the Huffington post, Millennial Magazine, Philadelphia Business journal and more. He has been a Global Shaper for World Economic Forum’s Philadelphia Hub.Dhairya sits on the advisory board for European Commission program LASIN - Latin American Social Innovation network. In 2015, American Immigration granted him an approval for special category work visa reserved for "an individual of extraordinary abilities”. He received his Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering from Drexel University.


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