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CreateXChange is an interactive business design studio that travels to your organization.

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Transform and improve your workplace during a CreateXChange one to three day residency. Design success with custom workshops curated for your organization’s requirements. Reinvent your path to change through creative problem solving merged with technology.

Don’t settle for another boring seminar

Your workplace is made up of many personalities and learning styles. Using the wisdom of global thought leaders, CreateXChange is designed to include everyone’s viewpoint with hands on workshops. The whole team gets involved to create lasting change. Shift your business into high gear. Enjoy experiential learning that emphasizes context over content.

Our Philosophy

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."
-  Albert Einstein

Corporate Programs & Experiences


Creative Ideation

We facilitate brainstorming sessions for your teams and leaders. Use this methodology in your next board meeting or product design team huddle to create ideas that position your company as a first & fast mover in your sector.

Storytelling For

Presenting organizational problems in the form of a business opportunity using a creative communication strategy. Going beyond powerpoint slides and excel sheets, we turn your leaders into story-tellers for impact.

New Trends Innovation

Dissecting the top 10 Trends in your sector. Ideating for new trend creation aligned with your company’s core offerings. Creating an 8-point Efficiency Vs Value blueprint to implement new trends that are future-proof.

United Nations CSR

We create and facilitate a gameplan to align your employees to engage directly with communities. We also help you create measurement rubrics for community engagement & impact that help you retain and hire talent with purpose.

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